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Bathroom Scale Buying Guide

Finding a reliable digital bathroom scale is a little bit like searching for a needle in a haystack. In fact, it’s more like trying to find a scale in a stack of other scales, because there is a lot out there. You never know if you are going to get lemon or a product that just doesn’t work as efficiently or reliably. If you want to keep an eye on your weight, having a scale that works is important. However, you also want that scale to be accurate. If it isn’t accurate, you may miss crucial weight loss goals. Even if you are not overweight, staying on top of your weight is crucial, because you don’t want to lose that much weight either. When you are looking for a scale, you want to keep a number of things in mind – from the weight capacity to the type of material the scale is made out of. Some glass scales can be too fragile. Here is a bathroom scale buying guide.


Cloud Capacity

One important factor you want to consider is whether your scale has cloud-computing capabilities. If you have some serious weight goals, you may want to be able to record them and take in historical data. Some scales will connect to an app, so that you can tackle weight problems from multiple angles.


A Good Sized Platform

The size of a scale’s platform is also important, because some scales try to minimize space to a level that isn’t reasonable. The best scales are always the one with a decent sized platform, so that you can fit two feet on them comfortably. If you are just getting out of the shower, you don’t want to be slipping off the edge of your scale.


Display Clarity

Display clarity is also important, because you want to be able to see the numbers on the scale. If you are testing out different scales and you can’t really see the numbers, or if it is hard to read some of the functions, you may want to keep looking for a scale. Sometimes, poor clarity is a sign that the scale isn’t very good. If they haven’t thought of making numbers bigger, or backlighting buttons, what else haven’t they thought of?



Intuitiveness and display clarity also fits into clarity, because not only do you want to be able to see the displays, you also want to be able to use them quite easily. If you are having trouble using the scale, it won’t be much use. You may actually get frustrated and put the scale away. When you are testing out the scale, you also want to test out ease of use.



On top of everything, you want to test out the accuracy of the scale. If the scale seems off, or if it doesn’t match on a day to day basis, you will wind up having to purchase a new scale anyways. In the end, some scales come with advanced computerized accuracy tools, so you want to keep an eye out and do your research when shopping.

Pelvic Pain Help

The pelvis area is the lowest part of your abdomen (tummy). The bladder, womb (uterus), ovaries and rectum are organs that are located in the pelvis area and the pain associated with that area is called pelvic pain. This type of pain is extremely common in women and in most cases starts because there is an issue with one of organs the found in the pelvis.The pelvic floor refers to the group of muscles located in the pelvic area that supports the organs. These muscles work by either tightening or relaxing and they are solely responsible for bladder and bowel movements in the body.

Often times, the common error is made of misjudging a condition or ailment because of the symptoms that are being experienced by the individual, especially if the symptoms can be related to another condition.  As a result making a proper and correct diagnosis based on the symptoms experienced can sometimes be complex and requires further examination and tests.

Interstitial cystitiscommonly known as IC is a condition when the bladder becomes irritated and swollen as a result; it is unable to expand as it should to hold the urine. An inflamed bladder can be caused by multiple reasons such as:

*Inflammation can cause the body to discharge chemicals that can cause the symptoms.

*The urine in the bladder contains harmful substances which can damage the bladder.

*The bladder tissue is damaged and therefore the germs and bacteria in the urine annoy the bladder and cause the symptoms.

*It can be caused by another condition causing the inflammation is additionally targeting the bladder.

* The body’s consumption of medication interferes with our body’s PH balance and therefore brings about such symptoms.


The symptoms of interstitial cystitis can vary from person to person depending on your body however they may include:

*pain that gets worse as your bladder gets filled up with urine and bladder pressure.

*pain in the pelvis, lower back, urethra or in your lower tummy area.

*pain in the vagina or behind the vagina area.

*pain during sexual intercourse.

*the need to urinate more than the normal 7-8 times daily.

*the urgency feeling of wanting to urinate right after you have urinated.


Pelvic floor dysfunction is condition where one is not able to control the muscles in the pelvic floor in order to have a relaxed bowel movement. This condition can also be an access way for the body to develop other serious health complications if it’s not addressed. The mutual causes of pelvic dysfunction include:

*having suffered a painful wound to the pelvic area

*difficulties from childbirth can also bring about this condition.

The symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction are more complex and can cause a greater effect on ones’ entire being.The symptoms include:

*a burning or painful sensation during urination

*frequent urination during the night

*unable to sit down due to a nagging pain whilst sitting.

* pain during and after having sexual intercourse

*having pain in and around the pelvis area.

*being unable to sleep proper at nights.

*decreased or little desire to have sex

*feeling discomfort or relieved after a bowel movement.

*the pain and discomfort brings the feeling of anxiety and causes one to overthink.


The Wise-Anderson Protocol is a newly developed method which uses a calming approach to end the cycle of anxiety and pain. This new and revolutionary method encompasses both the physical and mental extents of pelvic floor dysfunction. The Wise-Anderson Protocol is designed in a way to help an individual redirect their ability in getting the pelvic muscles to lessen and by showing an individual how to get the muscles to relax by soothing down their nervous system. This method is carried out by using an instrument to extend their bodies relaxation. This method has been testedand evaluated, and is backed up with years of research to show how effective it is.

The Wise-Anderson protocol wand is a device which is specifically designed to target the area or muscle where the pain is located and it get rid of the pain by using the body’s ability to get it to relax and quiet down. This device offers an extended period of tranquility to an individual and ultimately leads to the continual drop in muscles that pain and sensitivity.

The Wise-Anderson Protocol 6-Day Immersion Clinic is a private center which has been established to treat the various types of pelvic floor dysfunction which can accommodate as many as 14 individuals. The individuals are then taught how to redirect their abilities in getting the pelvic muscles to relax and helpful methods to reduce their day nervousness and stress. The methods learned are to be practiced daily by the individual in order to reset the pattern in being able to control their pelvic muscles. The main aim of this treatment is provide and instill the necessary skills and knowledge needed to redirect their ability in being able to get the pelvic muscles to relax so that professional will not have to be seek every time this occurs.

In conclusion, we can clearly see how the two conditions are closely related to each other and how Wise-Anderson Protocol can be used in reducing and completely eliminating some of those pains. This method has been proven to be a safe one with effective results. In addition, it provides you with the ability to be able to heal your condition without having to seeking the assistance of any professional again. Let this new and evolving method be the way for you moving forward and being able to regain complete control over your body’s control.

9 Amazing Content Writing Hacks

Freelance writers from around the world have agreed on one thing that management is a quality every budding writer needs to acquire. In a world where numerous websites pop up every day, it is important to grab attention from your target audience. Grabbing a cup of coffee, wearing ravishing spectacles, turning on your favorite music; no this isn’t helping you write a great article. For writing a good article without getting frustrated, you need some hacks, writing hacks that must be a part of your freelance writing.

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contentmartRead along these 6 amazing content writing hacks:

Evernote speech to text translator: You might know Evernote as a notepad, but it can also be used as your typing hand when you are in a mood to pen down those thoughts crawling your mind but aren’t in a mood to write. This amazing tool gets handy once you know the knack of using it to the optimum. Grab a microphone and start recording. The software will sense your voice and type your words.

Analyse your competition: It is important to have knowledge about your audience and what other writers have already catered to them. Check what your rivals (other websites, portals, papers, journals, etc) are posting and if your audience is receptive to that. You don’t have to copy the same, but it is good to check the where you rank. It will gradually develop an envy in you, eventually helping you to grow.

Involve a partner: You can;t be always available to work. In a random case, a client might propose you a long term alliance when, however, you can’t provide work at that moment. Or, sometimes the workload might inflate and leave you exhausted. For situations like these, it is good to delegate your work to a credible partner who can work as your right hand. You can share your profit with this person.

Get necessary add-ons: You can get brilliant add-ons on google store that can add value to your content. Install the Grammarly, Dictionary, Thesaurus, etc add-ons which will rule out the unnecessary hassle of scrolling between the tabs to improve your write-up.

Layout it well: A good format will make it pleasant to write. Make pointers, paragraphs, use creative fonts, add variations like emboldening your words sometimes and italicizing in between. All this will help you write good content as it will appear to be well structured and more presentable.

Make it time-bound: Imagine this, you start freelance writing, there comes a text message and your attention flies away. Never let distractors overpower you. Assign yourself a particular time to complete a write-up. Try softwares like Pomodoro Timer, typometer, WriteOrDie, etc. These will haunt the lazy in you.

Writing is fun. Corner the excuses; start writing!

Signs of Addiction and Drug Use in College

When you are a college student, it can seem like the key to doing well is to use drugs and abuse alcohol. Sure, at first it can seem like the logical conclusion and fix for a lot of daily collegiate problems. If you can’t sleep, you may drink. If you can’t stay awake to study, you may take something to spike your energy levels. And if you can’t warm up to people at parties, you may start to feel like drinking more is the right idea. However, the solution to healthy sleep in college is not drinking – and you shouldn’t abuse drugs and alcohol for performance or social acceptance. The reason for this is simple: it could turn into an addiction. If you notice that you are abusing drugs or showing signs of addiction, you want to get help. It is critical to get help before your addiction takes over. Here are some signs of addiction and drug use in college.



If you are feeling irritable, especially when you have cravings for alcohol or drugs, you may be showing signs of an addiction. In fact, this is the first sign of an addition. You may not feel like you need alcohol or drugs, per se, but you may start to get slightly irritated when your body begins demanding more.


Social Isolation

Another telltale sign is social isolation. When it comes to addiction among college students, isolation can be really rough. The isolation is a result of someone choosing the drug or alcohol over friends and family. If you feel like you are slipping further and further into social isolation, you may want to take a step back and get help. Social isolation can get so bad that you may start experiencing suicidal thoughts, which is not something you want to mix with a drug addiction.


A Shift In Daily Attitude

If you are also noticing a daily shift in attitude about life – maybe you are feeling overly pessimistic, or like things are working out, you may be experiencing a sign of addiction. If you are getting GW’s online public relations degree, it may be even easier to experience this, because you aren’t forced to go to class. However, even if you are going to a school, like Ithaca College, it can be equally easy – mostly because addicts get really good at hiding things.


You Can’t Go Without a Fix

Of course, if you get to the point where you can’t go a day, or a certain amount of hours, without a fix, you definitely need to seek help. This is a sign that your addiction has completely taken over. It is also a sign that you need to wave a flag of surrender and admit defeat. If you’ve let it go on for that long, it is time for treatment.


Lying and Cheating

At the end of the day, though, most addicts become robots for their addiction. They will lie and cheat just to abuse drugs and alcohol. This could result in expulsion from your college, especially if you are caught cheating on an exam. In the end, there are many rehabilitation facilities that you can go to – getting help is as easy as admitting that you need help.

Is Your Weight Ideal? Try Calculating Your Weight Now


Is your weight ideal? Well, it is actually important to know about your ideal weight in order to maintain your health. But, what is the best way to determine our ideal weight? As we know, each person will have different ideal weight to be considered healthy. One of the best ways to determine your healthy weight is by finding out your body mass index. Nowadays, you are able to calculate your weight with interactive BMI calculator that you can find online. By calculating your weight based on the body mass index, you will know how much you should weigh. Generally, you simply need to enter your height and weight on the available calculator. After that you will be able to know whether your body is ideal or not.

Actually, determining how much you should weight is not that simply looking at your height and weight chart, but it also includes taking into account the amount of your muscle, bone and fat in your body’s composition. In this case, the amount of your fat is critical in the measurement. If you found out that your BMI is higher than 24.9, it means that you are considered overweight and your body may compose on fat to much in this case. However, the measurement is only approximate values that are intended to use as rough guide only. If you are not sure with the result, it is better for you to consult with your doctor. On the other hand, if you are certainly found out to be overweight, you might need to start trying to lose your weight in order to gain healthy weight.

The best way to lose your weight is by applying healthy habit in your live as soon as possible. It will be better for you to eat healthy food while doing such healthy diet. There are so many tips for healthy diet that you can find on the internet. Choosing the one that you think suitable for your need is crucial at this rate. While try to losing your weight by doing such healthy living habit, you can support your way by using lose weight product which is known to be useful in order to help you lose your weight immediately. Moreover, you should not forget to exercise regularly when you want to have a good body. After that, you can try calculating your weight once more and find out how much it helps you!